Instore Promotions

Sampling products at point of sale.

We master the art of delivering sales through our brand ambassadors. Be it In-store or Activations, our team is up on to the task. We believe in providing experiences that are long lasting and deliver high on brand recall. We train our ambassadors specifically on sales and customer approach. This focus gives our brand partners a cutting edge above competition, especially when you have multiple simultaneous sampling in the same category. Our brand ambassadors high spirits and sales focus ensure we are right on top of numbers.



Even the sight of this SMELL's so GOOD!

Brand Ambassadors that become an integral part of bringing alive a rich customer experience. Living up to the brand's niche image is extremely important. Imparting specific training on handling HNI consumer behavior, our angels deliver the perfect aroma. Customized to your brand imagery, a range of promoters, hostesses, and models bring the lasting image of your clientele.


Events and Community Marketing

Large or Small, Niche is the Key!

Event management project is individual and we ensure its tailor made. The scope of projects covered is large and can vary from a singular corporate event to masterminding a multi-channel brand experience for thousands of people. Be it a Mall requiring regular engagements to increase foot falls or keeping your employees motivated. A developer looking to keep his project community motivated and promoting retail brands, to ensure their footfalls and engagement. Every event Large or Small, Our teams give it a cut above.


Corporate Activations

We had a JAM of a time!

When our brand asked us to sample their JAM's, we shared a unique idea to sample the JAM's for employee's at top brand offices. In the swift busy life of a corporate employee, grabbing a morning breakfast can sometimes get tough, especially considering the number of single expats that depend on cafeteria's / restaurants for their food. We decided to bring some bread into their life's and start a day with a smile.
The Picture tell's you the rest JAM itself. Sampling was done across Dubai, reaching the audience where it matters, generating an excellent brand recall.

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